Swimming pool heat pumps – supply and installations across Sussex

Heat the water of your swimming pool with a heat pump that’s energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. Call Sussex Heat Pumps Ltd today!

Swimming pool heaters
Swimming pool heat pump servicing
At Sussex Heat Pumps Ltd, we can install a broad range of swimming pool heat pumps to suit all sizes and types of pools in Sussex. We provide highly competitive pricing backed by an excellent technical support service. We source heat pumps from reputable vendors ensuring that they provide energy-efficient performance throughout the year. Call us now.
Getting your pool ready for the summer?

Call us today to make sure your heat pump is up to scratch and ready for you to enjoy problem free.

It is advisable for us to be there when you first open up your pool to make sure things run smoothly with your heat pump. We can service the system, perform its yearly FGAS leak check and make sure that everything is set up efficiently for you.

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